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How we integrate with YouTube

Unlike other music licensing services out there, Lickd works with record labels to integrate and automate the copyright claims process on YouTube. So when you license a song from us we talk to YouTube’s Content ID system on behalf of the record label to ensure your video doesn’t receive a copyright claim. Without a copyright claim, you are free to monetize your video as part of the YouTube Partner Program as well.

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Why our catalog is different from the YouTube Audio Library

We deal with record labels rather than individual composers or companies which produce “production” or “stock” music. All the music on our website is also on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Apple Music etc. In fact, if you go down to your local record store (they still exist, right?) you’ll see their albums there too. As you use us, our catalog of music will get better and better as we demand more great music from the record industry. Furthermore, all licensing fees are split with the record label, publisher, and artists. So by using our music you’ll also be supporting the artists too.

How to buy your song on Lickd

We’ve spent a lot of time trying to simplify the process. To buy your song simply sign-up to the website using your YouTube channel and give our music a listen. You’re free to favorite a song for later at any time. If you find something you love for your next video simply click the “License” button and go to the checkout. From there confirm your order and pop your payment details in. After that, you’ll get the full song to download and use in your video alongside your End User Agreement as proof of license.

How do I use songs in my video? Do I need to do anything differently?

You don’t need to do anything differently! Just edit your video in the same way you normally would and simply drop your downloaded song into your timeline as you edit. We already know you’ve got a license for that song so you can just upload it to YouTube as normal and you won’t get a copyright claim and can monetize right straight away.

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