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Your content on YouTube

When you sign a record deal or sign up to a distribution service (such as CDBaby or TuneCore) your music mostly likely will be uploaded to YouTube's ContentID system. This monitors all video uploads and checks your music isn't being used illegally.

If it is, then typically the record label or distributor will create a copyright claim against the video and adverts will be placed on the video. As an artist you'll then receive the ad revenue on that video.

Monetisation & Creators

For YouTube Creators who rely on ad revenue from YouTube using copyrighted music has become a no-no. This means your music is missing out from being used on YouTube and receiving the deserved exposure.

We want to give those Creators the chance to legally license your music, of which you'll receive a portion of the licensing fee via your publisher and label.

A new audience

For artists this creates a whole new way for your music to reach a new audience. When your music is used on a YouTube video licensed by Lickd we collect analytics information on that video and analyse the comments for a reaction, all this in the future will be provided back to your label.

Driving further revenue

With every license we grant we tell all our Creators to include an artist credit with a link back to streaming services. This allows us to drive extra streaming revenues from our licensed usages on YouTube to your music on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

When a link is clicked from the video description we capture the click-through to the streaming service. This helps us really build up a picture across your music of which audiences are engaging with your music.

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