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For Distributors

A new source of revenue for Rightsholders

Your clients content on YouTube

If you're a distributor you will likely be delivering content to various DSPs including YouTube. Running ContentID on behalf of your labels is a great way for you to add further value to your services.

However Lickd goes further than just claiming UGC content on YouTube. We're allowing YouTube Creators the chance to legally license commercial music.

Monetisation & Creators

We believe there are close to 2 million YouTuber's who are currently monetising their videos on YouTube. But until now Creators have had no way to legally license the music they want to use in their videos. In fact many YouTubers actively avoid copyrighted music in fear of a copyright claim and forgoing their ad revenue!

So for the first time we're allowing Creators to legally license commercial music. This creates a brand new revenue stream for rights holder in addition to claiming UGC content.

For Artists

For artists this creates a whole new way for their music to reach a new audience. What artist wouldn't want to receive a legal licensing fee and get their music heard by thousand or millions of viewers on YouTube?

We tell all our Creators to include an artist credit with a link back to streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer etc.

Copyright Claims & VOUCH

For Creators copyright claims make a dent in their ad revenue from YouTube. We believe if a Creator legally licenses a song they shouldn't also then receive a copyright claim.

To ensure Creators don't get a copyright claim when licensing music on Lickd we've created a backend piece of software that is able to release copyright claims on licensed videos. This is our in-house built VOUCH software, which only requires a ContentID administrators to sign-in to their YouTube Partner's account to be able to work.

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