Creators on record: top Creator tips from Blogosphere ft. Sabrina

At Lickd, we love nothing more than getting out of the office and talking to as many creators as we can find. We’re serious about growing and developing our platform with your needs front and centre and going to events is one of the best ways to have some DMCs with you. We love hearing about the kind of content you’re dying to make, (including any top tips you’ve learnt along the way), what’s holding you back and what sort of music you’re craving to take your videos to the next level. 

So, when the opportunity arose to be the music sponsor for the Blogosphere Festival we were there with bells on, (we didn’t actually bring bells, but we did bring a giant pink speaker). This intimate London-based event hosts the best and brightest influencers, vloggers and bloggers from all around the UK. Talks, networking and selfies abound so there was no keeping us away. 

Blogosphere gets Lickd

In true Lickd style, we wanted to take our experience to the next level and decided to create a vlog so those of you who weren’t able to make it could benefit from some of the networking and creator tips that were shared. Beauty YouTuber, ‘ItsSabrina’ joined us for the day and we made it our mission to talk to as many creators as possible. Of course, all the music used in the vlog is available to license from the Lickd platform. Click the video to see who we met or keep reading for the notes. 

Lauren Tickner’s top tips


First we met business and fitness coach Lauren Tickner, (skip to 0:32 to see her in the vlog). Having started out as a fitness YouTuber, Lauren went on to start her own business and now travels the world as an online entrepreneur. 

Her top line advice to creators was to “build something of your own”. She went on to say that she often sees creators relying on doing brand deals but that they’re not always necessary. “As time goes on and you develop your channel it’s easy to see what you’re good at, what people like most from you and want they want to see more of.”

Sometimes it can feel like the most important thing to do is to keep churning out content but, as Lauren suggests, it can actually be much more effective to take some time to assess how people are reacting to your videos and restructure based on your strengths. Her final tip was to “take messy action” – don’t be afraid to make changes or do something different! 

Vix Meldrew on growing and glowing

vix meldrew

We were also lucky enough to meet full time blogger and founder of Grow & Glow, Vix Meldrew, (skip to 2:45 to see her in action). Grow & Glow is a community for Creators to learn about the ins and outs of the blogging, vlogging and the sometimes scary world of influencer marketing. Her words of wisdom centre around being yourself. 

She said:

“people in this industry often look at successful moulds and think they have to emulate what that person does. The advice I always give is that no one else is going to be like you, so the more you’re yourself, the more individual you’re going to come across.” 

We love this advice. In our book, creativity is what makes the world go round, so let your creative juices flow and your freak flag fly! Remember, if you’re struggling to make your creative vision come to life, especially in terms of music, the Lickd platform is a great place to start. We’re always happy to help find the tracks that will make your content pop so feel free to drop us a line.

What is Lickd anyway?

Lickd is a state-of-the-art music licensing platform that takes the guesswork out of finding legal music for YouTube videos. Instead of illegally using copyrighted music without a license or settling for uninteresting background music from stock music libraries, Lickd’s music catalog contains a diverse array of high-quality, lyric-filled music that’s sure to capture your audience’s attention.

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Sophia Patsikas
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