Halloween content is huge on social media, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to grab your pumpkin spice latte and start your Halloween content brainstorm. Need some musical inspo? We have a hauntingly epic Halloween playlist that’ll provide a scintillating soundtrack for whatever content you land on.

What is Halloween?

Many believe that Halloween has its roots in the ancient Celtic Harvest festival of Samhain. The festival marked the beginning of the ‘darker half’ of the year and has since evolved into an annual spooktacular celebrated by millions. Today, Halloween is usually celebrated by going to Halloween costume parties, carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, lighting bonfires, going trick-or-treating, playing pranks, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories and watching horror films. 

As you can see in the graph below, social media content is a huge source of inspiration and guidance for millions of people who want to celebrate Halloween in the best possible way. More than 172 million Americans celebrated Halloween in 2019 – that’s a lot of potential eyes on your content. Why not serve up something with a spellbinding soundtrack this year?

how much social media has impacted halloween purchases graph


Lickd’s Halloween Playlist


Schizophrenia by XXXTENTACION

XXXTENTACION’s number one album, ‘?’ is full of dark and emotionally intense content including stand out track ‘Schizophrenia’ which has over 51 million streams on Spotify. The Broward County artist bends and breaks genre barriers, stirring together rap, R&B, punk rock, and metal that snaps without warning from moments of emotional crooning to cathartic screams.




UP. UP. UP by Scarlxrd

Donning gothic manga-inspired fashion, neck tattoos and a surgical mask to shield himself from view, SCARLXRD’s fame is practically inexplicable to anybody who grew up before the age of social media. An internet-bred rapper with a heavy-metal style of screamo check him out for your next video.



Teeth by Worriedaboutsatan

Worriedaboutsatan has released multiple albums and toured all over the world, even soundtracking BBC documentaries and TV shows like CSI. ‘Teeth’ has the kind of spooky atmospheric sound that’s perfect for Halloween.



Demons & Fiends by Yung Noodle

Yung Noodle, a.k.a. Bryan Krijgsman wants nothing more than to make music. He has produced music for established names, including Young Ellens, Jairzinho, Nielson and Sharon Doorson. License ‘Demons & Fiends’ to compliment your Halloween content. 



Late Night Call by Santiago

Santiago Nino is a progressive house DJ and producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. ‘Late Night Call’ is an eerie track which, for Halloween content, inspires alien abduction vibes.




Scared by Eveline

Eveline is an indie band from Bologna playing a mix of alternative pop, cool jazz, indie rock and electronica. ‘Scared’ is a slow (86 BPM) vocal pop track ideal for scary makeup tutorials or choreography channels.




0.465972222 by RT-Zed

RT-Zed play a unique concoction of alternative rock; funkpunk with groove, dub bass and fuzz guitars. Their songs are of hate, pain, love, revenge and conspiracy sprinkled with slabs of brutal guitars and unforgettable hooks.



Blue Moon Rising by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds first album went double platinum in the UK and has sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide. It was co-produced by Noel and David Sardy, with whom Noel has previously worked with when in Oasis.


There Is No Bonfire by Worriedaboutsatan

Worriedaboutsatan has released multiple albums and toured all over the world, even soundtracking BBC documentaries and TV shows like CSI. ‘There Is No Bonfire’ evokes an atmospheric sense of foreboding that, for Halloween, would work well for content around visiting haunted locations.


Halloween Queen by Devilish Presley

Hailing from the dark streets of East London, Devilish Presley has become a significant force on the gothic-punk scene in the UK & Europe. Working up a set of fast and furious dark flavoured gothic-punk songs a more personal style of lyrics has now developed, covering sex, drugs, humour, alienation and of course horror.


Late Reflections(Manmachine Remix) by Bernie Allen

Bernie Allen is a progressive trance DJ and producer from Vancouver, Canada. Late Reflections is a fast (131 BPM) instrumental trance track – a great soundtrack for timelapse content.



Payback by Sayto, Kleøpatra

Payback is an intense dubstep track by Sayto and Kleopatra, two up and coming electronic artists.




Chosen a track but need help editing the music to your video? Check out our audio editing tutorial channel for helpful step-by-step videos on all popular software.

Halloween Content Ideas

If you’re still stuck for inspo, have a browse through the popular Halloween content ideas with links to video examples below: