How to take your fashion/beauty videos to the next level

Beauty and fashion videos are big business on YouTube. But, with so many channels focusing on fashion and beauty, how can you stand out from the crowd? We think we have the answer for you. Keep reading to find out how you can supercharge your content and grow your channel to new heights.

use real music in fashion and beauty videos

How to supercharge your content

Lifestyle, fashion and beauty is all about the latest trends, so what better way to support that than by using the latest popular, trending music in your videos?

For a long time, it hasn’t been possible to use popular music from your favorite artists in your YouTube videos. We all know the struggles with copyright and the frustration of getting a copyright claim, right? Well, at Lickd we thought you deserved better! That’s why Lickd has created the first-ever library of popular music that you can license, claims-free for YouTube. License killer tracks from some of the best artists like Charlie Puth, SIA, Sean Paul, Dolly Parton, Anne-Marie and a whole lot more in-between!

Grow your success too

Lickd Case study results

Having access to popular music is not only way more fun, it can also really propel the success of your videos. For example, fitness YouTuber Growingannanas increased views, subscribers, impressions, comments, watch time and ad revenue by using chart music from Lickd instead of stock music.

FIFA YouTubers TwoSync tried us out as well and saw a massive 600% increase in video shares, 235% increase in comments and 23% increase in overall views.

Recommended by YouTubers like Yanique Duke

Beauty YouTuber Yanique Duke tried out Lickd in this valentine’s day self-love pamper session:

Yanique said “I’m finally able to use popular music in my videos and that’s thanks to a new music licensing platform called Lickd.” Yanique even asked her viewers to let her know what their favourite songs are so she can use them in future videos. We love this idea! Get to know your audience better, gain inspiration and increase engagement through comments by asking this question to your audience. 

If we don’t have any particular tracks you’d be really keen to get, don’t fret! We keep an eye on what’s popular in our catalog and try our very best to get these tracks. It helps us convince record labels and music publishers to make their music available to you. So, the more you search for tracks you want, the more likely we’re able to get them for you!

By the way, All songs featured in Yanique’s video are available in Lickd’s ‘Modern Love’ playlist.

What next?

We’re sure by now you’re probably raring to go, so we won’t make you wait any longer. Here’s how Lickd works:

  • Step 1. Find a track you like. Simply look for any track or artist you’d like. Or, if you’d like some inspiration, check out our curated playlists.
  • Step 2. You can listen to songs before you license them. Then when you’re ready, just click ‘license’ and add the track to your basket! 
  • Step 3. In your basket, just make sure to read the license agreement and any other information before checking out and using the music in your video. (This is just to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible for you!) 
  • Step.. wait, what.. That’s it? Huh, licensing popular music for YouTube has never before been this easy.

Pricing is tailored to you and based on your average views, so you never pay too much. Licenses start from only $8. Yes, you read that right, $8 for music from artists you know and love.

What’s more, if you start now, you get your first track at 25% off. What do you have to lose?

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