How to use popular music in your choreography/dance videos AND keep your ad revenue?

Tim Milgram music with Lickd

Anyone who makes or watches choreography videos will know that music is everything! Imagine how difficult it would be to choreograph something without music or how boring it would be for viewers if there wasn’t a beat being danced to? How often do you see choreography videos released for popular or trending tracks – all the damn time right? Like, oh there’s a brand new Billie Eilish song taking the world by storm? You can bet the choreography videos will follow very shortly.

Tim Milgram music with Lickd

Unfortunately, as a creator, you probably understand that having that popular music in your videos means you’ll likely lose your ad revenue or even have your video removed. All that time and effort you put into choreographing, getting dancers involved, filming and more – all for nothing…

Lickd is here to say enough is enough. You deserve to have the music you want and to get paid for the time you invest. That’s why Lickd has created the first-ever library of popular music that you can license, claims-free for YouTube. No more claims. No more strikes. And you get to keep your ad revenue!

Recommended by YouTube Choreographers like Tim Milgram

Tim Milgram says: “One of the challenges of having a dance channel is that by using popular music, we can’t monetise any of our videos, and some of them even get taken down. Lickd helps solve this problem by giving us access to a library of copyright music which can be used on YouTube and we can keep our AdSense revenue.”

Take your videos to new heights 

Not only does Lickd allow you to do all the lovely stuff we’ve mentioned so far, but creators across YouTube have noted an increase in growth by using chart music from Lickd.

Fitness YouTuber Growingannanas increased views, subscribers, impressions, comments, watch time and ad revenue by using chart music from Lickd as opposed to stock music. Now, you’re likely already using popular music, but we can’t wait to see how Lickd can supercharge your content even further and inspire you with available tracks.

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What next?

We’re sure by now you’re probably raring to go, so we won’t make you wait any longer. Here’s how Lickd works:

  • Step 1. Find a track you like. Simply search for any track or artist you’d like. Or, if you’d like some inspiration, check out our curated playlists.
  • Step 2. You can listen to songs before you license them. Then when you’re ready, just click ‘license’ and add the track to your basket! 
  • Step 3. In your basket, just make sure to read the license agreement and any other information before checking out and using the music in your video. (This is just to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible for you!)
  • Step.. wait, what… That’s it? Huh, licensing popular music for YouTube has never before been this easy.

Pricing is tailored to you and based on your average views, so you never pay too much. Licenses start from only $8. Yes, you read that right, $8 for music from artists you know and love.

What’s more, if you start now, you get your first track at 25% off. What do you have to lose? Click below to start supercharging your content:

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