6 video ideas for online content Creators in lockdown

Content plans scuppered because of lockdown? Don’t stress. Just because you have to social distance doesn’t mean you have to be distant on social media. In fact, now more than ever, people are turning to online video platforms to help them get through isolation. 

Keep yourself and your audience entertained with these super-fun video ideas, perfect for online content Creators in lockdown. If you’re hunkered down, you might as well make some uplifting content. 

1. How well do you know your roommate? 

There’s no denying it. Being under lockdown is giving us a lot more time to spend with our roommates. Whether you live with family, a significant other, or a whole bunch of college friends, you have no shortage of face time with your housemates. 

Make the most of this close proximity and consider creating a video that puts your relationship to the test. Questions could include:

  • What was my first job? 
  • What’s my favorite album? 
  • What’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever done on vacation? 
  • What’s my go-to cheat meal? 

Watching your flatmates squirm (or triumph) under the pressure will make for entertaining viewing. Create a scorecard and deliver a ranking at the end. Put your relationships under the microscope and find out who knows you best! 

Watch the example below to get you going. 

2. Cooking videos

Once upon a time, humans went to these things called restaurants. They’d sit together at a table and wait for someone else to cook food. 

Those times are over. For now, at least. 

Why not make the most of the boom in cooking and make a video showcasing your culinary skills? Pick a recipe and ask your viewers to cook alongside you. Keep your viewers engaged while your pots simmer by choosing a hot kitchen playlist.

For the best kitchen soundtrack, head over to Lickd, where you can find certified fresh music that’ll go along perfectly with your quarantine cooking show. 

If beauty influencer James Charles can rock it, so can you! 

3. Video interviews 

Every once in a while, you might feel the urge for some good old fashioned human interaction. While in-person interviews aren’t really feasible right now, using Skype or Zoom for a bit of face time is a great solution. 

Perhaps your viewers long for the good old days when people used to talk to one another. Why not satisfy their desire by hopping on a video chat with someone you admire or find interesting? 

Not only will you entertain your audience, but you might get some new eyeballs on your videos in the process. If you invite another Creator onto your channel, ask them to link to your interview so their fans can see you in action. If your video is a hit, you might earn their viewership for life. 

Check out this mind-bending video of the Dolan twins zoom calling with loads of other twins!

4. Live Q&A 

Your audience loves you because they feel a connection. Why not deepen the bond with your audience by opening up? 

Schedule a live question and answer session to respond to your viewers’ questions about you, your history, and your values. Don’t be afraid to get a little personal. Show your viewers a side of you they haven’t seen before. If you’re not comfortable hosting a live session, you can always collect some questions from your viewers and put together a Q&A video answering them in your own time.

Your audience has been in lockdown for a while now. Give them the human connection they’re looking for. 

5. Daily vlog

Another great way to let your viewers into your life is to start hosting a daily vlog. Perhaps you won’t be able to show them all the cool places you’re going…unless going from the bedroom to the kitchen counts as an exotic vacation…but you can let them into your lifestyle. 

Introduce them to your dog. Tell them how you’re coping with the strangeness of being under lockdown. Share what you’re planning to do once we’re allowed outside again. Be personal! 

6. Create your own music video

Did you ever watch music videos as a kid and wish you could be the next breakout star? Well, now you can. In these uncertain times, a little laughter would be good for everyone. For some added fun, dress yourself up in an outrageous costume and arrange an eye-catching backdrop for your big debut. Don’t hold back. If you want some tips on how to make a killer music video, check out the video below. To learn how to edit audio like a pro, take a look at our audio editing tutorials.  

Before you decide on a song, remember that you can’t use copyrighted music on your YouTube channel without the copyright owner’s permission. If you do, YouTube might block or mute your video. You don’t want to go through the trouble of creating a lip-synching classic only to have it hidden from the public. 

For 100% legal music, check out Lickd, which has a plentiful supply of high-quality music for YouTube videos. You get 25% off your first track so sign up today and emerge from lockdown having created a music video that has brought joy to the masses. 


If you found these content ideas helpful or go on to make any of these video ideas a reality, we want to know! Get in touch with us on our social channels @getlickd and tell us all about your wonderful new from-home content.


Sophia Patsikas
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