Lickd signs deal with global record label Warner Music

Today, Lickd has taken another major leap forward in it’s mission to bring Creators the largest and best quality catalogue of claims-free chart music. The exciting new partnership with Warner Music will bring more top quality tracks from famous artists to the Lickd platform. One of the “big three” recording companies, Warner’s catalogue boasts chart-topping songs from many of the world’s best-known musicians.


What does this mean for Creators?

Essentially, more famous music to use in your videos that won’t result in your ad revenue being taken away! This new partnership means we can expand our catalogue and offer you a more diverse range of music to use in your content, claims-free. Plus, it gives you the chance to show the music industry how much of a game-changer being able to use famous tracks in your videos really is.

The more Creators that sign up to Lickd and start using popular tracks, the more likely the music industry is to provide us with bigger and better music. Join the music revolution. And bring a Creator friend.


Working on a project that is crying out for a hot track? Get in touch on our socials @getlickd and tell us which music you’d most like to see on the platform next.

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