WFH survival guide: Content creator, Sophie Craig’s dos and don’ts

Actor, content creator and blogger, Sophie Craig, works from home on podcasts, comedy sketches and YouTube videos, covering everything from ‘how to be cool’ to ‘what to do when you meet Will Smith and you’re wearing a mullet’ – intrigued? So are we.

To find out how she balances all her projects, as well as her mullet-sporting comedy character (see below), we caught up with Sophie to bring you her ultimate WFH survival guide. Read on to find out her dos and don’ts of WFH life.

Tell us about your daily routine when working from home?

Wake up (slowly, I hate rushing and it puts me in a bad mood!), eat a good breakfast, write a to-do list and look over emails or finish an edit / writing something. I’ll maybe exercise a little and then take my dog out. Have lunch and sit down and work until around 6. If I’m posting I’ll make sure I’m online for an hour after to respond to any comments.

What’s your no.1 tip for staying motivated?

Try and set yourself some structure – it’s so important. Make sure you make time for fresh air and moving – that’s also key. Don’t feel guilty if your workload means only doing one hour of work that day! Work smart, not hard.

What’s the best thing about working from home?

Setting your own hours and not having to take part in the rat race of London.

What’s the worst thing about working from home?

Being on your own a lot. I struggle with that. And sometimes it makes me feel like I lack purpose and can sometimes feel very unmotivated.

What advice do you have for Creators who are sharing a home workspace with friends, partners or family?

Try and find some time in the day to have a space to yourself for a little while. Or get them involved. They may not always understand what you do, so explain to them; the same way they work in an office or as a teacher etc. this is how you work. Try and create some space to get creative in.

How do you look after your mental health when working from home?

Fresh air, fresh air, fresh air. Moving. And put good music on when you feel low. It’s very easy for anyone to get into a funk when you spend so much time alone and you’re expected to be creative alone. Take time to rest! If you don’t feel creative; don’t beat yourself up. When your creative juices are flowing make the most of it!

What should you absolutely never do when trying to be productive when working from home?

Don’t stay inside all day. I can’t stress how much being cooped up affects your mood. If you’re struggling to find a way to be productive inside, change your environment. (Pre COVID-19 I went to a park or cafe and changed my scenery: it really helps)

What’re your 3 top tips for a successful video call?

  • Good internet haha
  • Listening and allowing people to speak before you speak
  • Look presentable

What’s your go-to ‘let’s get this done’ track?

I love so much different music. It depends what I’m creating! I listen to music based on my mood or what kind of energy I need for the project

Talking of music to help you stay energised through the day, we’ve got a working from home playlist that’s perfect for soundtracking any to-do list. Enjoy!

If Sophie’s tips inspire you to do something different, we want to hear from you! Tell us all about your WFH journey @getlickd.

Sophia Patsikas
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