YouTube channel tips: Secrets of successful channels

Are you ready to take your YouTube channel to the next level? While anyone can hit “record” and start filming, the most successful Creators understand the importance of a few key secrets to success. Here, you’ll learn YouTube channel tips that will help you grow your audience. 

1. Be known for what you do 

To stand out in a sea of YouTubers, you need to develop a unique, recognizable style. Don’t try to be like everyone else. Instead of copying other Creators, carve out your own niche. Whether it’s your outfit, the way you talk, or your unique way of using music in YouTube videos, let your individuality shine through. Take a few risks and mix up strategies — you’ll find your voice. 

2. Understand your audience’s culture 

Your fans love watching your videos because they relate to your challenges, triumphs, and opinions. Each community has its own norms, values, and expectations. By aligning yourself with your viewers, you’ll draw them in and strengthen your tribe. 

Plus, don’t forget to respond to comments! If you ignore your audience, they might go somewhere else where they feel heard. Even a quick reply thanking viewers for watching your videos can go a long way. 

3. Craft compelling titles

If people don’t click on your videos, your content won’t ever reach viewers. Don’t spend hours creating a high-quality video and then post the first title you come up with as an afterthought. 

Clickable titles stir curiosity and promise value. Consider generating a variety of headlines and then choosing the best one. If necessary, run them by friends and family for their opinion. 

There’s always a balance. While you do want to get people to click on your videos, you don’t want to mislead your viewers. For example, you shouldn’t use a title like “How to make $1 million in three months” for a video giving generic resume advice. Losing your audience’s trust ruins your chances of success. 

4. Don’t forget the thumbnails 

A tantalizing headline is nothing without an attention-grabbing thumbnail. Invest time in designing graphics and text that pull in your viewers. Many top YouTubers create multiple thumbnails to test out on their audience. By using analytics to measure performance, you’ll learn which thumbnails work best at grabbing eyeballs. 

Pro YouTube channel tip: Don’t forget to align your thumbnail with your title. When you create a consistent package of title, thumbnail, and video, you’ll set yourself up for lasting success. 

youtube channel tips: align your thumbnail to your content

5. Reach the average consumer 

One way to build a broad audience is to create videos that have wide appeal. For example, you could focus on content related to social media, smartphones, or personal care. Tons of people are interested in these topics — by casting a wide net, you increase your chance of catching new viewers. 

Of course, you still want to add your own unique spin on well-known topics. Your individual style will help set you apart. 

6. Create a format and formula 

Consider developing a standard format for each of your videos. Your audience will appreciate the consistency. This doesn’t mean all your content has to be the same — feel free to mix it up. However, adding familiar elements like a daily question, challenge, or song can help foster a sense of closeness and community. 

Choosing a formula is a powerful way to set yourself apart. By leveraging your personality, you can create unique spins on traditional formats like tours, interviews, and daily vlogs. If you want to go above and beyond, create a show trailer that highlights and brands your unique show format. 

7. Provide value 

Quality is vital. However, you can still add a lot of value without perfect 4K resolution or a dazzling intro. When creating videos, thumbnails, and headlines, focus on why people might be interested in your content. 

One way to get a better idea of what your audience finds valuable is to release videos consistently and review performance using YouTube analytics. Plus, constantly creating content will help you hone your craft and develop your YouTubing skills.  

8. Boost engagement with music 

Successful YouTubers are committed to creating a high-quality viewing experience from start to finish. One of the best ways to create attention-grabbing (and attention-keeping) videos is to boost your content with popular music. Lickd is here to help. 


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