How to get 10,000 YouTube subscribers

How to get 10000 subscribers on YouTube

Do you want more subscribers on YouTube? Of course you do. Building a bigger audience will help you reach more people, boost ad revenue, and give you the resources you need to keep creating amazing content. 

Here, you’ll learn some insider tips from two YouTubers — Fatema and Francis — for how to get 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. Let’s get started! 

How long does it take to get 10,000 YouTube subscribers? 



Everyone’s channel is different, and some niches might draw in more fans than others. 

Fatema, who hosts an arts-related YouTube channel, was able to ramp up to an audience of over 17,000 fans in roughly seven years. She hit 100 subscribers in three months, 1,000 in about a year, and 10,000 in around five years. 

Francis, who posts bike-related vlogs, managed to reach over 20,000 fans in just five years. He reached 100 subscribers in a few weeks. 

He passed the 1,000-subscriber mark by agreeing to shoot a new bike review video for free, so long as he could upload the video to his YouTube Channel. This opportunity catapulted him to over 1,000 subscribers as bike enthusiasts flocked to his channel. Sometimes taking advantage of an opportunity is all you need! He eventually hit 10,000 subscribers after roughly a year. 

Do you have to be a full-time YouTuber to reach 10,000 fans? 

Francis is a full-time YouTuber, dedicating all of his business time to creating and promoting his content. However, he reached 10,000 fans years ago. He only went full-time after surpassing 20,000 subscribers on YouTube. 

For Fatema, YouTube is still a side gig. However, she’s planning on making the transition soon. Like Francis, she surpassed 10,000 while YouTubing part-time. If they can do it, so can you! 

How does content change from when you’re just starting out to when you become a YouTuber with 10,000 fans? 

How to get 10000 subscribers on YouTube

When Francis started uploading his videos to YouTube, his content didn’t have much of a theme — he posted vlogs in a variety of categories. Along the way, he noticed that his biking videos were getting traction, so he decided to focus on bike-related content, which he still does today. 

When Fatema was a new YouTuber, her videos were much longer than they are today. Now, she’s trying to get to the point and provide value as quickly as possible. 

How should YouTubers choose a niche? 

Picking a niche is a fantastic way to develop expertise and become known for certain topics. By appealing to a specific audience, you can boost your credibility. A specialty that’s too small might not attract enough viewers. On the other hand, an overly broad or vague niche won’t allow you to hone in on your target audience. 

Francis found his niche almost by accident. He had tried a bunch of different video topics before he found a positive response from his biking videos. Once he realized he might be onto something, he doubled down and started covering biking events on his YouTube channel. Soon, he gained momentum and realized he’d found his niche. 

Fatema always loved art, so it was natural for her to start making art-related videos. She found her exact niche by identifying a hole in the market. When searching for a video relating to marbling (an art technique), she couldn’t find anything. So, she made her own marbling video, which has racked up half a million views. When picking a niche, it’s often helpful to fill a gap in what’s already available. Set yourself apart! 

What prevents YouTubers from reaching 10,000 subscribers? 

According to Fatema, gaps in uploading videos kept her from reaching 10,000 subscribers more quickly. Consistent uploading is crucial if you want to hit 10,000 subscribers. 

Francis’s subscriber growth could have been faster, but he spent a lot of time traveling instead of creating YouTube videos for his own channel. By saying yes to non-YouTube-related projects, he wasn’t able to stay as consistent as he could have. 

The #1 YouTube commandment: Thou shalt upload consistently!

How else can you reach 10,000 subscribers on YouTube? 

In addition to all the tips listed above, one of the best ways to attract more subscribers is to upload engaging videos. But how can you set yourself apart? 

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