The 14 Must-Attend Events For Content Creators

Content creator events networking

In the world of content creation, having a strong network of contacts from in and around the industry is key to having a successful career. Attending content creator events is a great place to start if you’re looking to build your network fast.

But, with so many to choose from, it’s hard to know which ones to attend and which ones to avoid. To make it easier, we’ve compiled a definitive list of the most worthwhile events for content creators.

Why Attend Content Creator Events

Content creator events networking

As a content creator, you might be struggling with things like growing your audience, finding enough time to film and edit content, and monetizing your work on social platforms. These struggles are shared by many within the content creation community, which is why industry events that provide ways to combat them are so popular.

Additionally, beyond just gaining ideas from industry experts, content creators can also build relationships with some of the world’s most high-profile companies, thus making events a great opportunity for securing financial, technical, and marketing support.

But, perhaps one of the biggest draws for content creators to industry events is the opportunity to meet fellow creators from all over the world, form long-lasting friendships and get the chance to collaborate with them for years to come. 

This point stands for both beginner and established creators. For anyone who’s new to content creation, you’ll have the chance to widen your network and meet new people, whilst anyone who’s been in the game for years will be able to reconnect with existing friends, hang out and maybe film a video or two.

In short, attendees have the chance to learn valuable tips and tricks of their trade from a network of experienced professionals that can give them the skills to optimize their own content creation strategies and grow their channels. More than that, though, events are a chance to have a damn good time with like-minded creators and share their passions for content in all its forms. 

The 10 Best Events For Content Creators

To make your life easier, here are some of the most-attended and popular conferences for content creators. Please note that dates and locations are always subject to change, so make sure you check those details well in advance.

1. VidSummit

Vidsummit logo

When: October 3rd–5th
Where: Dallas, Texas
How much: $895

VidSummit is where you’ll find the world’s top video influencers. During the event, they’ll share some of the best tips on video creation, video marketing, and, arguably most importantly, how to go about monetizing your creative work.

If you’re a creator, videographer, video producer, or influencer, then VidSummit will be a fantastic opportunity for you to learn from the world’s leading video content creators and maximize your ability to generate income from videography.

It’s a fan-free event, meaning creators will be able to focus all of their time and energy on connecting with fellow content creators, the business side of producing video content for online platforms, tracking industry trends, and more.

2. VidCon

YouTube Creator conference VidCon

When: Various dates
Where: Various locations
How much: $110, $155 or $699 depending on whether you want the Community, Creator or Industry Track

For many, VidCon is the granddaddy of content creator events. It’s where anyone who’s worth anything on streaming platforms like YouTube has visited at some point in their career, repeatedly attracting the best talent from across the video creation industry. In fact, it was even started by two of the biggest names on YouTube – Jon and Hank Green (the Vlogbrothers) back in 2010!

VidCon is an umbrella term for a series of events that take place across the world – the original being in Anaheim with additional festivals in Abu Dhabi, Baltimore, Sao Paolo, London and Mexico.

VidCon is a dream for content creators and their fanbases, with different ticket options designed especially for each. Fans can enjoy meet-and-greets with their favorite YouTube megastars and listen to panel discussions whilst the creators get a chance to connect with their audiences in person, network with fellow creatives, and take part in valuable mentoring sessions to improve their craft.

Read our VidCon ultimate creator’s guide for more information on this fantastic convention.

3. Playlist Live

Playlist Live - events for content creators

When: September 1st-3rd
Where: Orlando, Florida
How much: $200 (standard) or $500 (premium)

Playlist Live is a festival, concert, and convention all rolled into one content creation extravaganza. It’s held annually in Orlando, Florida and provides a space in which attendees can create, engage, experience and discover anything and everything about the world of video content creation. 

As with VidCon, Playlist has a number of different ticket options to attract both creators and their audiences. During the 3-day event, there’s a whole host of meet-ups, brand activations, panel discussions and headline talks from some of the industry’s biggest names.

Playlist Live is one of the most popular events around, so much so that its organizers have now had to introduce an application system for ticket allocation. It gives preference to active and aspiring creators to make sure that everyone in attendance is able to learn from and support each other.

4. Buffer Festival

Buffer Festival - best events for content creators

When: TBC
Where: Toronto
How much: $100

Buffer Festival is the must-attend event for film buffs everywhere. It’s the world’s largest digital-first film event, celebrating the achievements of video creators and filmmakers whilst providing them with a space in which to network, learn and make friends.

Buffer Fest focuses on showcasing artistic and innovative content that is breaking boundaries where videography is concerned. For this reason, it tends to attract serious filmmakers who really know their stuff when it comes to scripting, shooting, and editing video content.

At Buffer, there’ll be loads of opportunities to meet with fellow content creators and hear from some of the industry’s most acclaimed producers in live Q&A sessions. If you want to kickstart your career in video production and gain a following online, Buffer Festival should be high on your list of events to attend!

5. TwitchCon

Twitchcon - best events for content creators

When: October 7th-9th
Where: San Diego, California
How much: $129 (1-day ticket) or $229 (3-day ticket)

As you’ve probably guessed by its name, TwitchCon is specially held for content creators who make video content for the live-streaming platform, Twitch. It’s held twice a year, once in the US and once in a European city (this year it’s Paris), giving creators from all over the world a chance to meet up in person, form friendships with fellow Twitcher streamers, stay up to date on the latest industry trends and innovations and learn more about improving their craft… all in an effort to grow their online brands and gain subscribers.

There’s also a strong community presence at TwitchCon, with fans of the platform’s stars being able to attend meet-and-greets, panel discussions and parties.

If you’re thinking that Twitch is a platform reserved only for the gaming community, think again. TwitchCon’s popularity and attendance stats have skyrocketed in recent years, with an incredible 65% increase in the number of people attending between the 2019 and 2020 events! This growth is largely due to the rise in the popularity of Twitch and live-streaming in general during the pandemic, with both now drawing audiences from a wide range of sources.

7. Creator Conf

Creator Conf event for content creators

When: December 13th-14th
Where: Online
How much: TBC

Creator Conf is one of the largest events for online content creators and influencers. It’s largely aimed at influencers who have a YouTube channel or use TikTok and Instagram as their primary platforms. It also might be particularly useful for those who can’t seem to find the right music for their content.

There’ll also be group and individual networking opportunities for creators to meet potential collaborators and sponsors from all over the world. These are on top of a host of masterclasses during which content creators can learn the strategies, skills, and insider secrets from their industry’s most successful names.

Creator Conf is more than just your typical online event as it brings together over 5000 creators from around the world and is often seen as four events in one. Spaces for this one tend to fill up fast, so be sure to book your ticket in advance to avoid being left out.

8. Social in the City

Social in the city content creator event

When: August (specific dates TBC)
Where: London, UK
How much: TBC

We’re hopping across the pond now for Social in the City. Formerly called Summer in the City, Social in the City is London’s premier event for content creators. It’s held annually at the ExCeL centre and attracts a diverse crowd of creators, viewers, and investors all looking to connect with one another and share their passion for everything from the world of online video. 

There’s a whole host of panel discussions and talks over the course of the 3-day event as well as opportunities for creators to meet with fans in person, launch merchandise ranges, and network with fellow creatives. 

For anyone who’s part of the video creation community in the UK, SitC is a must-attend event. If you’re producing content for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram or Twitch and want to learn more about how to grow your following by optimizing your videos with high-quality edits, trending music and marketing strategies, Social in the City is the place for you.

9. Grow With Video Live

Grow with video live content creator event

When: May (specific dates TBC)

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

How much: TBC

Heralded as the number one conference for anyone wanting to grow their personal brand online with video content, Grow With Video Live is a must for creators who are looking for expert advice from industry heavyweights on how to expand their subscriber base and reach bigger audiences. 

It’s a bit different to the standard event model adopted by many others in our list, as Grow With Video Live promises to provide creators with the chance to put everything they learn into practice right there and then with hands-on support from the best in the business. Attendees won’t just listen to seminars and panel discussions about the tips and tricks of the trade, they’ll actually implement the tactics on their own channels during the event!

This is a must-attend for anyone who wants to see genuine results from their efforts almost instantly…as long as they’re prepared to put in the work, take part in as many activities as possible and utilize all the expertise that’s at their fingertips!

10. Adobe MAX

Adobe MAX event for content creators

When: October 26th-28th

Where: Online
How much: Free

Adobe Max is for anyone who’s serious about video editing. Like, seriously serious. Run by the people over at Adobe, it’s a creative conference that aims to showcase the application’s latest innovations, developments and suite of features whilst providing valuable sessions to help creators upskill in things like photo manipulation, video editing, UX and UI, and graphic design.

Over the course of this free virtual event there will be a whole raft of keynote speeches, educational sessions, discussions, giveaways and more…as well as ultra-exclusive announcements about the new things that Adobe is working on at present.

The sessions are split into three categories – beginner, intermediate and advanced – to help attendees choose ones that are of the right level for them. So, whether you’re just starting out and wanting to get to grips with Adobe’s editing services or you’re an experienced video editor who’s looking to refine their skills even further, Adobe MAX has something for you.

11. E3 Expo

E3 2023 content creator event

When: June 13th-16th

Where: Los Angeles, California

How much: TBC

After several years of uncertainty and cancellations, the world’s premier event for the gaming industry is returning. Yes, E3 Expo is back and promising to be bigger and better than ever, with tens of thousands of creators, community members and brands all coming together to celebrate the most exciting launches and trends that their sector has to offer.

E3 has long been the place to be if you’re in the business of creating video content for gaming live streams, reviews, tutorials, walkthroughs and more. It provides creators with fantastic opportunities to learn about the latest releases, get expert insights on how to improve their craft and form longstanding friendships with fellow gamers outside of the metaverse. 

12. NAB Show

NAB show content event

When: April 15th-19th

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

How much: Tickets start at $199 for non-members with add-ons available for an extra fee

NAB Show, named after its organizers at the National Association of Broadcasters, attracts thousands of creators from all corners of the media, entertainment and video production ecosystem. It’s where professional content creators do to learn how to drive up their viewing counts, reach bigger audiences and increase engagement.

Attendees are able to experience the full lifecycle of content creation – from ideation and pre-production through to editing, consumption and distribution. There’s also a big focus on monetization, with the industry’s most successful business minds being brought in to share their expertise with the next generation.

If you want to learn more about the tools and technologies of the video production trade, NAB is the place to be. Some of the world’s best-known brands will be showcasing cutting-edge products (many of which haven’t yet been released) that can help creators streamline their processes and produce higher-quality videos for their channels – both key determining factors in enabling a content creator’s success!

13. Clamour Creator Summit

Clamour creator summit

When: May 16th-17th
Where: Scottsdale, Arizona
How much: Free (but it’s by invitation only)

This is one of the more exclusive content creation events on our list, but it’s still definitely worth a mention. Clamour Creator Summit is aimed at online video creators and brands looking to partner with them. It’s a business-meets-pleasure kind of gig, with no fans in attendance and no media coverage, providing creators with a chance to network with potential sponsors and build relationships with contemporaries within their industry.

Clamour is held in a private resort and promises to bring 450 hand-picked creators together to share insights, voice concerns about their industry, discuss issues and even form brand deals there and then.

If you don’t receive an invitation to Clamour, there’s still a chance that you can grab a ticket by applying! 

14. SXSW

SXSW 2023 for content creators

When: March 10th-19th
Where: Austin, Texas
How much: $1195 (student discounts available)

Held annually in Austin, Texas, South by Southwest is a melting pot of the best that the videography industry has to offer. Its aim, in part, is to serve as a launching pad for the freshest, most exciting talent from the world of video content creation, providing them with a platform on which to showcase their skills to an international audience.

Its organizers operate on the belief that the best discoveries and innovations happen when diverse topics and perspectives come together, so try to attract a wide variety of content creators to the event. The week-long extravaganza includes festivals dedicated to film, music, and comedy, so creators working across different disciplines can come together and learn from each other.

SXSW is aimed more at filmmakers and professional videographers than vloggers, with exclusive screenings and high-profile guests in attendance throughout. But, for anyone looking to learn more about fine-tuning their craft to springboard from the small screen to the big screen, it’s a great event to attend.

Our top tips for getting the most out of content creator events

So, you’ve decided which events you’re going to attend this year, but now comes the hard part…making it all worthwhile! When it comes to getting the most out of events for content creators, there are a number of tried and tested hacks that are proven to pay off. To help, our experts have put together a list of their top tips for how to supercharge your time at industry events – keep reading to learn more!

Tip #1 – Network, network, network!

Before, during and after the event, be sure to connect with as many of your fellow creators as possible. Building relationships with other content creators in your niche is one of the biggest benefits of attending industry events, and this should be a priority in the run-up to, during and in the days and weeks after it’s taken place! Find like-minded creators on social media and forums or even arrange to meet up in person prior to the event itself.

Tip #2 – Create content whilst you’re there

It can sometimes be tricky to think of new, exciting ideas for videos, so use the energy at the event to spark your creativity and generate fresh content. This could be in the form of vlogs or day-in-the-life videos, collabs with other creators, reviews, travel videos, or pretty much anything else you fancy! With potentially thousands of attendees, all of whom have a genuine interest in the topics and themes underpinning the event, you’ll have a ready-made audience of viewers to target with relevant content.

Tip #3 – Get as involved as possible

Content creation events can be a whirlwind, but it’s best to get as involved as possible whilst you’re there. This means going to as many of the organized talks, presentations, meet-ups, workshops and after-parties as you can to ensure you’re getting the most out of your time (and money)!

Tip #4 – Collaborate with other creators

how to grow your YouTube channel with collaborations

Leverage the fact that the event is likely to be a melting pot of influential content creators by creating content for your own channel whilst there. Your fellow creators will all have their own fan bases, so collaborating with them will allow you both to grow your respective audiences. Use tip #1 alongside this to maximize the number of collabs you can squeeze into the 2 or 3 days over which the event is taking place by getting things organized in advance!

Tip #5 – Talk to brands

Getting backed by a brand is one of the best ways to take your content creation to new highs. Not only will it (hopefully) mean that you’ll get some financial support to help keep your channel going but it’ll also ensure that your content is getting exposure to a much wider audience. The partnership is of reciprocal benefit, though, as brands may already be interested in partnering with you to tap into your channel’s fan base. Regardless, the quickest route to starting a brand sponsorship is by putting yourself out there, speaking to the representatives at the event, and getting as connected as possible. 

Tip #6 – Watch panel discussions 

Hank Green Vidcon Founder

Content creator events are honeypots of expertise. Tap into this and use them as an opportunity to learn as much as you possibly can from the industry’s best and brightest! Going along to panel discussions and keynote talks is a great way to soak up all the knowledge, ask questions and speak to fellow audience members to get their thoughts, too. If you miss any of the scheduled sessions whilst you’re there, don’t worry! Lots of events record them so you can catch up afterwards.

Tip #7 – Grab the swag!

Okay, so this tip won’t technically help you grow your channel or work magic on your subscriber count, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it! With so many big-name brands showing up at content creator events, there is a lot of merchandise and killer swag to get your hands on…we’re talking t-shirts, phone cases, tote bags and more. Check out the exhibition hall area of the event where most brands will have a concession stand set up and see what you can grab.

Tip #8 – Do your research before attending

Once the event gets underway, it’s likely that you’ll feel like you need to be in a million different places at once. Should you go to this meet-up or that panel discussion? Which after-party should you check out? The best way to make sure you use your time wisely (and enjoyably) is to do your research beforehand and make a plan of all the things you want to do while there. This way, you won’t be caught out and end up having to miss things!

Tip #9 – Get active on social media

Any content creator event worth its weight will have a strong social media presence. This means active accounts on all the main platforms that will be capturing the action minute by minute and a range of event-specific hashtags for attendees to use whilst there. Connect with other creators and fans by using these hashtags when sharing content at the event to get to know as many people as possible and ensure your channel name gets maximum exposure.  

Tip #10 – Have fun!

The final but by far most important tip is to have fun! Content creator events are some of the most exciting, inspiring and enjoyable things you can do at any stage in your career, so remember to take it all in and have a blast. 


Are content creator events invite-only?

A proportion of content creator events are invite-only, however, most are open to anyone, or at least any creator. A lot of the events that take place solely online are open to the general public but may limit numbers on a first-come, first-serve basis. Also, beware that you’ll most likely have to pay for a ticket to attend most of these events!

How can you find out what happened during past events?

It’s usually standard practice for most events to be recorded, so you’ll typically find highlights from previous events on a brand’s social media pages or on platforms such as YouTube. If you’re lucky, you may even find adjoined documents such as the itinerary or event summary on the website of a company that attended the event.

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