Audio Editing

remove background noise from audio

How to successfully remove background noise from audio

There’s nothing worse than nailing the perfect recording, only to play it back and realize it’s full of background noise.…

Adobe premiere pro audio editor

The best audio editor for online video content

Nothing will get people clicking away from your video faster than bad audio. That’s why finding the right audio editor…

how to edit audio in after effects

How to edit audio in After Effects – 5 skills every Creator must know

Adobe After Effects is the tool of choice for video pros looking to create visual effects without a ton of…

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve audio editing: 5 must-read top tips

If you’re a creator on a budget, DaVinci Resolve audio editing software is some of the best around. It offers…

final cut pro audio editing

Final Cut Pro audio editing – 5 top tips that will help you turn heads

If you want your videos to stand out for all the best reasons, make sure you’re paying as much attention…

Adobe premiere pro

How to edit audio in Adobe Premiere – 5 top tips

Nothing can ruin a video faster than bad audio. You might have pristine 8K footage of the most beautiful natural…

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