How to increase your stats as a Lifestyle YouTuber, feat. Macerly!

Macerly supercharges lifestyle videos

So you’re making videos on YouTube and they’re doing relatively well, you’ve gathered yourself a bit of a following and you’re growing slowly. But, how can you speed things up and supercharge your content in order to increase your success? At Lickd, we think we’ve found the answer. Something that will put you ahead of the game, something your audience will love too. Music!

Macerly supercharges lifestyle videos

Music for YouTube

Up until now, it hasn’t been possible to use popular music from your favorite artists in your YouTube videos. Sucks right? Especially if you get a copyright claim, or worse, have your video blocked/removed. Here at Lickd, we know you deserve better and so have come up with the world’s first (and only!) music licensing platform that allows you to use popular music in your videos for a decent price, and without the fear of a copyright claim.

We may be a little biased but that sounds pretty sweet, right? The only question left now is: does it really make a difference to your content and your stats? Well, we never want to assume anything and that’s why we’ve teamed up with lifestyle YouTuber Maddie (from the channel Macerly) to put our theory to the test. 

We’ve teamed up with YouTubers before to test this theory, in both the Fitness and Football/FIFA YouTuber community. Now, it’s time to test the impact of popular music on Lifestyle videos. Maddie makes videos about university life, productivity, lifestyle, business, cleaning/organising. Basically, anything you would want in order to keep your life organised and productive – especially useful whilst working from home or studying! We love it.

The Results – Popular music vs stock music

Macerly music Lickd stats


Anyway, here’s the tea… to make the test as fair as possible, what Maddie did was create two very similar videos, released around the same time and even both part of the same video series on moving house. One of them contained her usual stock music and the other contained only popular music from Lickd.

Oh boy, let’s have a look at the results. The video with Lickd music brought in 11% more subscribers, 16% more impressions and 11% more views. The average viewing time was also longer, by about 14%. Damn! 

Of course, all of these stats combined help increase your ad revenue and can make you more desirable for brands looking for influencers to work with. The YouTube algorithm will probably take a fancy to your increased engagement too!

Here’s what Maddie herself had to say:



TLDR: Maddie said “The videos that I created the test on were really really similar so the fact that one video performed a lot better shows that using chart music and popular music actually makes a difference. The best part of this test is that the Lickd video is still performing really well! The Lickd video is still getting a couple thousand views a week so I’m really happy about that too.”

Final Thoughts: Popular music for the win?

It seems like the outcome of this experiment is pretty clear. Adding popular music to your videos can not only be more fun, it can also supercharge your content and get you more success!

So, now you may be wondering – how do I get this magical popular music? Luckily it’s pretty easy!

  • Step 1. Find a chart track you like. Simply search for any track or artist you’d like. Or, if you’d like some inspiration, check out our curated playlists. By the way, you can also get high-quality stock music from Lickd, so you don’t have to have multiple subscriptions for all the music you need for your videos.
  • Step 2. You can listen to songs before you license them. Then when you’re ready, just click ‘license’ and add the track to your basket! 
  • Step 3. In your basket, just make sure to read the license agreement and any other information before checking out and using the music in your video. (This is just to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible for you!)
  • Step.. wait, what.. That’s it? Huh, licensing popular music for YouTube has never before been this easy.

Pricing is tailored to you and based on your average views, so you never pay too much. Licenses start from only £6. Yes, you read that right, £6 for music from artists you know and love. 

What’s more, if you start now, you get your first track at 25% off. Stock music is even FREE for 60 days. What do you have to lose? Click below to start supercharging your content:

Macerly Videos: See for yourself

If you’d like to watch both videos for yourself and see what a difference popular music makes to an audience’s experience, you can here:

Without Lickd Music

With Lickd Music

Here are the tracks Maddie used in this video:

Tondo by Disclosure & Eko Roosevelt

Big Boy Cruising by George Moir

All My Love by Crystal Fighters

skeletons by easy life

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