Meet the brand new Lickd

New Lickd brand

Don’t you just love glow up and transformation videos? Well, now you can see a BIG glow up on Lickd. Your one and only mainstream music platform for creators now has a different look and feel, as well as a new and improved website to help you get around and find your perfect soundtrack. This is one satisfying before and after if we say so ourselves.

Lickd new brand look

You can now access over 1 million creator-friendly tracks, including both stock and mainstream music. Yep, that’s the biggest catalog for content creators out there (and it beats the others by a looong shot)! Take a look around the website for yourself. You even get a 14-day free trial for stock and 25% off your first mainstream song if you’re new here!



The website is big news, but let’s be real, you probably spend way more time on social media right? Good news! Our social media channels have also received a giant facelift. Now that’s where the party is! Check it out:


They missed an important meeting for this so please dont let it flop.. #dory #officetok #workfromhome

♬ Hi I’m Dory! – strawbwearyzvsp


New series: Guess the creator 🤳 #guessthe #guesschallenge #guessinggame #creatorchallenge

♬ Quiz Questions – Original Mix – Anselm Kreuzer

And that’s just the beginning. Follow us for more and to get involved!


Don’t forget to grab your 25% off if you’re new here as well.


*25% off is applied automatically at checkout after you’ve signed up*


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  1. Love the new brand. The change is so subtle that I had to keep flicking back and forth to spot it, but once you see the new one it is really much better. Layout so much easier than old site and New icons got that retro clip art feel. I’m normally on social but wanted to play around your mobile responsive site which is awesome. Peace and love guys and girls

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