How to get to 1000 subscribers on YouTube: Pro Creators share their insights

How to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube

Are you on your journey to your first 1000 fans? At this point, getting 1000 YouTube subscribers might seem as daunting as climbing Everest. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. We spoke with veteran YouTubers — Tortor, Pavel, and Amy — to get insider tips on how to grow your audience ASAP. Follow these tips, and you’ll be right on track for 1000 YouTube subscribers. 

How long does it take to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube? 

Even today’s top YouTubers weren’t overnight successes. It took Tortor two and a half years to get her first 100 fans. Getting to the 1000-fan mark took another two years. Patience is a virtue! 

Your industry can have a huge influence on how long it takes you to hit 1000 fans. After Tortor switched gears and tried a new niche, she reached 100 fans in a week and sped towards 1000 fans in just four months. If you’re having a tough time getting traction, try pivoting and going after a new audience. 

What does the path to 1000 fans look like? 

On the road to 1000 fans, Amy saw her subscribers steadily increase each week, with bumps whenever she uploaded videos tailored to her fans. 

Pavel saw spikes in subscribers when he jumped on trends or collaborated with other Creators. For example, when he was in Bali, he was just a few kilometers away from an erupting volcano. After posting a video, all the excitement earned him an uptick in subscribers. 

Teaming up with other YouTubers is one of the fastest ways to grow your audience because you get access to your co-creator’s fans. If you impress them with a killer video, you can convert them into fans of your own! 

Tortor saw her subscribers grow intermittently as she worked towards 1000 fans, with spikes occurring when she attended video conferences and found new people to watch her content. After hitting 1000 fans, her growth has been much more consistent. 

Insider tips for how to get more subscribers on YouTube 

Let’s dive into a few key strategies for boosting your base of subscribers. 

Stay consistent 

When it comes to getting more subscribers, content is king (or queen). Try to make an effort to stick to a consistent release schedule and let your viewers know when to expect videos from you.

Don’t be afraid to put something out there just because you’re not sure if people will like it. It’s hard to know how your audience will respond, so you might as well try! Pavel uploaded a video he wasn’t sure would do well, but it started getting tens of thousands of views in just a couple of months. You never know what might work! 

Ask your audience 

Tortor and Amy suggest going to your audience and asking them what they want to see. As a YouTuber, you’re an artist, but you’re also in the business of pleasing your fans. When you tailor your content to your subscribers, you can make sure you’re providing value. Plus, if your audience loves your content, they’ll be more likely to share with their friends! 

Harness the power of analytics 

Understanding YouTube Analytics can help you find new ways to reach 1000 subscribers more quickly. For example, Tortor suggests going through past videos to see which search terms help viewers find your content. Then, you can change your video titles to match what people are searching for. After renaming some of her old videos to optimize for popular search terms, views started shooting up quickly. 

Once you understand the titles and search terms that will resonate with your audience, try to create content that matches your audience’s interests. Pavel even suggests deciding on a video’s name before recording. 

How NOT to get 1000 subscribers 

Everybody makes mistakes. Amy suggests that not staying consistent with her uploads kept her from reaching 1000 subscribers more quickly. If viewers don’t see that you have a regular release schedule, they might be less likely to hit that subscribe button. Other Creators agree — being inconsistent will keep you from growing your fanbase. 

How to make more engaging videos on YouTube

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