25 Vlogmas ideas for YouTube

Are you a YouTuber itching to make the most out of the Christmas season on your channel? Well, you’re in for a treat because Vlogmas is here, and it’s the perrrrfect opportunity to sprinkle some festive magic onto your content.

25 vlogmas ideas for Christmas on YouTube - Lickd

Vlogmas is a killer way to engage your audience, share your holiday spirit, and step up your creativity. In this blog, we’ll explore a sleigh-full of Vlogmas ideas, from decorating your space and whipping up delicious treats to exploring your local Christmas events and sharing heartfelt holiday stories. So, grab your camera and Santa hat, and let’s dive into some very-merry Vlogmas inspiration.

Quick Recap: What is Vlogmas?

If you’re a YouTuber looking to take part in Vlogmas but aren’t sure what it is, let us break it down for you. Basically, from December 1st until Christmas Day, you create and upload a video every single day. These videos are like your daily diary during the holiday season.

You can share everything from decorating your home and festive cooking sessions to gift shopping and your personal thoughts on the holidays. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and spread holiday joy.

Just be prepared for a busy December because, lets face it, daily vlogging can be pretty tough. With that being said,it’s a fun and rewarding way to celebrate the season with your YouTube community and maybe even boost your engagement along the way.

25 Vlogmas Ideas

So without further ado, bring on the content. These fun Vlogmas ideas will give you plenty of inspiration to keep your content exciting and engaging throughout December!

Christmas tree decorating

Vlogmas ideas - Christmas tree decorating

You’re an artist, so let the people see your work! Let your viewers join in on the festive fun by showcasing your tree decorating process, from putting up the tree itself to hanging your favorite ornaments, lights, and tree topper. It’s a great way to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

Our top tip for tree decorating videos involves getting clever with your editing process. Let’s get real, no one really has the time or attention span to sit through a 60+ minute documentary of you meticulously arranging lights and decorations on your tree. Give your audience the full experience by sharing a timelapse complete with snazzy editing hacks and festive backing music.

Christmas cocktail & mocktail recipes

What’s Christmas without a little indulgence? Yeah, that’s right, we see you eyeing up that carton of eggnog over there!

Offering your viewers delicious and visually appealing drink ideas adds an extra layer of enjoyment to their celebrations. 

Whether it’s showcasing classic holiday cocktails or crafting unique mocktail options for non-drinkers and kids, these videos are perfect for spreading holiday cheer and inspiring your audience to try something special during the season. And hey, they’re also an excellent opportunity to showcase your winning personality and hosting skills.

Christmas cookie decorating

Isn’t the power of words amazing? You show us someone who doesn’t smile when they hear the word ‘cookies’, and we’ll show you someone that’s never had ‘em. 

Baking cookies is a beloved holiday tradition that everyone can get behind. Share your favorite recipes, tips, and the joy of baking with your viewers in a Christmas baking vlog. 

You could even make and decorate a gingerbread house, capturing funny mistakes and the littlest decorative touches for your viewers to try at home.

Holiday shopping vlog

 Let’s face it, as wonderful and magical as the big day is, Christmas shopping can be STRESSFUL. Luckily for you, that makes for great content. 

Your viewers are likely to be doing their own holiday shopping, and they’ll appreciate the chance to join you on your shopping adventures, whether in-store or online. You’ll be creating a sense of solidarity within your following, we’re all stumbling through those malls together. 

From here, you can share gift ideas, shopping tips, and even your holiday wishlist, creating a sense of closeness and excitement as you all navigate the holiday season together. Plus, it’s an opportunity to showcase your unique taste and style.

Holiday makeup looks

Christmas holiday make up looks for creators

What does Christmas mean? Parties. What do parties mean? Makeup.

A holiday makeup look vlog is a total winner for Vlogmas because it lets you infuse your content with that festive sparkle and help your audience look their best for holiday parties and gatherings. It’s a cool chance to showcase your makeup skills while sharing the excitement of getting all glammed up for the season.

Plus, your viewers will appreciate the beauty tips, product recommendations, and the opportunity to experiment with their own holiday looks, making it a win-win for everyone during this merry time of the year. If you wanna know how to make your makeup videos as good as possible, take a look at our content tutorials!

Gift-wrapping tips

Whilst most people love buying gifts for their nearest and dearest, not many of us like wrapping them. It’s fiddly, takes skill and a hell of a lot of repetition. YAWN.

A vlog on gift-wrapping tips offers practical value to your viewers during a season filled with gift-giving. You can share your creative wrapping techniques, eco-friendly wrapping ideas, and hacks to make presents look extra special.

Christmas gift wrapping video

Your audience will appreciate the help, and it’s a chance to showcase your flair for the festive. So, prepare your scissors, ribbons, and wrapping paper because it’s time to showcase some holiday wrapping wizardry.

Top tip: If you’re like us and just cannot face wrapping gifts without some banging Christmas tunes on in the background, be careful! Even if you don’t add licensed music in post-production, just include it by pressing play alongside the record button on your vlogging camera, you still need to follow copyright rules. Confused? Don’t sweat it. Read the full guide on how to avoid copyright claims as a YouTuber.

Winter skincare routine

The cold weather can wreak havoc on the skin. Your viewers will be thankful for your helpful advice on keeping their skin healthy and glowing in the cold weather. 

Not only this, it’s a chance to introduce your audience to some winter skincare products you love. So, pamper yourself on camera, share those skincare secrets, and keep your viewers feeling radiant and merry all winter long.

If you want to start stockpiling skincare freebies, check out our guide on how to get on brand PR lists.

Visit a Christmas market

Christmassy ideas, go to a Christmas market

Christmas markets are insane. These festive dreamscapes are an elf’s personal heaven, with bright lights, sweet treats and absolute bucketfuls of joy everywhere you turn. This makes them a prime setting for some Christmas content.

By taking your audience on a tour of your local Christmas market, you’re sharing the magic of the season, unlocking their holiday spirit, and giving them a taste of the festive joy in your online community.

Your favorite Christmas recipes

By sharing your favorite Christmas recipes, you’re not just offering delicious culinary ideas but also a taste of the warm and comforting traditions that make this season what it is.

Viewers will appreciate the inspiration for their holiday menus and the chance to try something new. It’s also an awesome way to connect with your audience, creating a sense of togetherness as you prepare and savor these delectable dishes!

Holiday outfit lookbook

Christmas is a great time to dress to impress. Everyone’s looking to raise the bar as the festive parties come rolling in.

Your viewers will be looking for style inspiration during the holiday season, and you can help them feel confident and fabulous for their celebrations. It’s also a chance to showcase your fashion sense and runway-ready style. 

Whether it’s casual, formal, or themed outfits, you’re spreading holiday cheer and making your viewers’ wardrobe choices merrier during this special time of the year.

Favorite Christmas movies

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? We can’t keep track. At least we know Home Alone definitely is.

Discuss your top holiday movies and why they hold a special place in your heart. Your viewers are likely looking for heartwarming movies to enjoy with loved ones, and your recommendations add a personal touch to their movie-watching experience. 

It’s also an opportunity to bond with your audience over shared cinematic delights, from classic holiday movies to underrated gems. 

This all sounds very cute, doesn’t it? Well, beware, because people take this stuff pretty seriously after a few mulled wines. Hey, perhaps that’s a bonus vlogmas idea… get people to weigh in on what is or isn’t a Christmas movie. You already know your comments are gonna blow up! 

Christmas present haul video

Vlogmas ideas Christmas present haul video

Christmas is all about presents. There, we said it. No taking it back now. 

Joking aside, sharing what you got for Christmas is a great way to express appreciation to your friends and family while sharing that excitement with your viewers. Your viewers often feel like part of your online family, and sharing your presents is a way to celebrate and bond with them.

Christmas party ideas

Ain’t no party like a Christmas party. I mean, tinsel everywhere? Multiple people dressed as Buddy the Elf because they went to the same costume shop? Big bowls of egg nog? Need we go on?

By sharing creative party themes, decoration ideas, and mouthwatering holiday party recipes, you’re offering practical tips for hosting a fantastic celebration. 

Remember to include some fun Christmas party games in your video – they’re a surefire way to bring laughter and merriment to any holiday get-together. If a party doesn’t get your viewers in the festive spirit, what will?

Ugly Christmas jumper collection

ugly Christmas sweaters

Gone are the days of cute Christmas sweaters with pictures of Bambi on them. The uglier the better.

Ugly Christmas jumpers are a hallmark of the holiday season. We’re sure your viewers will enjoy seeing your collection and hearing the stories behind each quirky jumper. You can spread humorous holiday cheer and inspire your audience to participate in the ‘ugly jumper’ trend. Flaunt those festive knits!

DIY Christmas decorations

People are all about sustainable and sentimental nowadays. Share some budget-friendly and imaginative DIY Christmas decorations this holiday season. By showing off your Christmas crafting skills, you inspire your viewers to add a handmade element to their own holiday decor. 

Plus, DIY videos are highly engaging and shareable on YouTube, potentially bringing new viewers to your channel during the festive season. So, grab your crafting supplies and let the holiday DIY magic begin.

If you need some DIY ideas to get started, why not see what all the Chat GPT fuss is about

Christmas wishlist

Do you still write out your Christmas list on paper as though you’re going to send it off to Santa? Or get catalogs and fold the corners of your favorite pages? You can tell us, it’s a safe space.

Sharing your Christmas wishlist allows you to express your excitement and anticipation for the gifts you hope to receive while giving your viewers insight into your interests and style. 

Additionally, it can inspire your audience with gift ideas for their own wishlists or for choosing thoughtful presents for friends and family.

Holiday traditions

Whether your holiday traditions are as, well, traditional as they come, or if you have some weird and wonderful ways to celebrate the season, why not share them in a vlog?

Sharing your Christmas holiday traditions in a Vlogmas video is a heartwarming idea because it invites your viewers into your world and creates a sense of connection. 

It allows you to showcase the unique and cherished rituals that make your holiday season special, inspiring your audience to reflect on their own traditions and perhaps even adopt new ones.

NYE – Year in review

new years eve year in review video on YouTube

Not ready for this year to end? Or counting down the days until the ball drops?

Either way, sharing your year in review during Vlogmas is a beautiful idea because it’s a chance to reflect on personal growth, achievements, and memorable moments while offering a heartfelt and authentic look back at your journey over the past year.

Your viewers have likely been a part of your year, and this video allows you to express gratitude, share highlights, and perhaps even lessons learned.

New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s resolutions idea for this year: actually stick to New Year’s resolutions. Or, end up failing as per usual. But that’s just us.

Sharing your New Year’s resolutions in a Vlogmas video adds an element of anticipation and inspiration to your content. It’s a chance to express your goals, dreams, and intentions for the upcoming year, inviting your viewers to join you on your journey of growth and self-improvement.

Plus, it creates a sense of connection and accountability with your audience as you embark on this new chapter together. So, set those exciting resolutions, share your aspirations enthusiastically, and let your viewers participate in your positive journey into the new year!

Christmas playlist

Don’t be afraid to hit ‘play’ and share those joyful melodies! Your festive music choices will set the perfect holiday mood and spread holiday cheer to your viewers.

Christmas music for videos at Lickd

Christmas music plays a significant role in creating a joyful atmosphere during the holiday season and sharing your favorite holiday songs and tunes allows you to connect with your audience on a personal and nostalgic level. It’s a great way to inspire your viewers to create their own holiday playlists and enjoy the magical ambiance of Christmas wherever they are.

How to use copyrighted Christmas music in your videos

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the festive tunes we all know and love. 

Luckily, if you want ‘Fairytale of New York’ to be ringing out for Christmas Day while your viewers watch you volunteer at a soup kitchen, Lickd has got you covered. We offer music licensing on mainstream Christmas songs so you can level up your festive content.

If you want to use the best and most recognizable Christmas songs this Vlogmas without stressing about copyright claims, join our music revolution and get access to over 1.3 million mainstream, copyrighted tracks that you can use in your videos!

Advent calendar unboxing

YouTube advent calendar unboxing videos - Lickd

This might be one of our favourite vlogmas video ideas! Unboxing videos are always popular, and an advent calendar unboxing adds an extra layer of holiday excitement. It’s like a mini gift every day! Especially if you’re a beauty creator and can get your hands on some beauty advent calendars, it’s sure to go down a treat with your audience. Alternatively, you can make your own advent calendar and reveal to your viewers what you choose to put inside each little box.

Just, maybe don’t do this if you have identical chocolates every day of December…

Outdoor adventures

Whether it’s ice skating, sledding, or building a snowman, outdoor activities make for fun and visually appealing vlog content. Showing them with your viewers will create a sense of shared excitement and nostalgia. These activities make for visually captivating and entertaining content, offering your audience a taste of the wintery wonderland the holiday season brings.

It’s also a chance to inspire others to embrace the outdoors, stay active, and make the most of this special time of year. So, bundle up, hit the snow-covered trails, and let the outdoor adventures begin!

Charity or volunteer work

Okayyyyyyy, so maybe Christmas isn’t just about the presents. Embody the true spirit of giving and sharing during the holiday season by engaging in charity or volunteer work. Your viewers will appreciate your efforts to positively impact your community or a cause you’re passionate about.

It’s an opportunity to inspire your audience to spread kindness and make a difference, motivating them to join you in acts of goodwill. Plus, it’s a meaningful way to use your platform to create awareness and encourage others to make the world a better place during this special time of year.

Christmas Eve preparations

Do you leave all your present wrapping until stupidly late on Christmas Eve? Or are you better than everyone else?

Sharing your Christmas Eve preparations allows you to showcase the festive hustle and bustle, from last-minute gift wrapping and holiday cooking to setting up cozy decorations. Your viewers will appreciate the shared sense of the holiday countdown and might even pick up some tips for their Christmas Eve celebrations.

Christmas morning routine

Are you up early making everyone food on Christmas morning? Or just sat by the tree trying to figure out what your presents are through the wrapping paper?

Give your viewers a glimpse into your special moments as you unwrap presents, savor a delicious breakfast, and bask in the joy of Christmas morning. It’s sure to capture the pure magic and excitement of the holiday.

This heartwarming Christmas video will allow you to connect with your audience on a deep, relatable level, as they likely share similar traditions and emotions during this cherished time of year.

That was 25 Vlogmas ideas!

Gosh, that was almost like opening an advent calendar, but doing all 25 days at once! We hope this article was helpful and that you’ll be able to jam-pack your vlogmas videos this year with lots of fun activities. If you’re just getting started and would like some more advice on how to do vlogmas, then don’t forget to check out the Vlogmas tips article!

If you do Vlogmas this year we’d love to see it, so tag us on socials or send it our way. We’d love to spread some Christmas cheer and festive love. Happy holidays!

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